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Treatment programs are most effective when the staff members are in sync, and empowered to engage families and each other in support of client success.

Neil helps your program succeed by providing skillful, customized management consulting and training to your behavioral health program professionals and staff.

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Residential treatment program

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These programs are critical to the health and well-being of the IP as well as their whole family.

Everyone benefits when the work with families and the teen or young adult are integrated. Integrating the family therapy model with other behavioral health treatment is a critical element in bringing significant, lasting results to youth and families in crisis.

Providing these vital resources takes a special kind of caring, commitment, training, experience and investment in process improvement. For a behavioral health program provider, being able to confidently approach work with solid answers to the following questions is the key to excellent and sustained client outcomes:

What do we need to implement to more effectively address the whole family, not just the IP, so the positive outcomes are sustained long-term and clients continue to grow?

What are the areas of change we need in our organization that we’re not aware of and what do we need to do to address them?

What are the steps to implement this approach in our organization so we do it routinely, easily?

What can we do to stand apart (be outstanding) in these areas (and others) so we are the gold standard program, the one clients and referral sources think of first?

For organizations willing to face these questions Neil provides skillful, customized management consulting and training to have your organization delivering clinical outcomes in a way that feels exciting, collaborative and confident.

“When Neil came to the Program Manager position at Youth Services he built a program that became the most sought after treatment and training program for youth and families in our community. His methods were transparent as well as effective and he remains a leader in the therapeutic community today. His book and podcast allow families around the globe to benefit from his unique talent."
Daniel T. Moriarty, J.D. Ph.D.
former Executive Directer, Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center

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Residential treatment program

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Recovery Program

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Wilderness Programs

Neil D. Brown, LCSW's professional practice specializes in Family Therapy with a highly effective therapeutic approach that focuses on the family as an interactive and dynamic system.