Starting out as a draftsman/cartographer in 1977, I have worked in various aspects of the field of design and visuals since the days when pencils, Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pens, ink, stat cameras, press-type, X-acto knives and triangles were the tools-of-the-trade found on every designer's desk. The professional tools have changed dramatically since then, but great design will always be great design, no matter the vehicle you use to get you there.

Today, I primarily provide visual brand development, website design, and print media services. I work closely with clients from across the country that cover a very broad range of industries and services. Our wide spread client-base has resulted in a growing customer list that is nearly 100% referral driven.

I keep an open mind throughout project development and I am always considering the most appropriate and effective solution and strategy for each client. Every client is unique, and I look for the best way to highlight their individuality.


I have over fifteen years of corporate and advertising graphic design experience. Before co-founding Bigfish Smallpond Design, my most recent positions include Art Director for Euro RSCG Sofia, Bulgaria, and a founder of her own 2002 design studio, Fani Nicheva Design.

My expertise lies both in marketing and design, and my affinity for print typography is rooted in the love of language and writing. I have a Bachelor Degree of Graphic Design and Visual Communications from Emmanuel College in Boston, and has attended the Graphic Design Graduate School of Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

I believe in the ethics of Corporate Social Responsibility and my most inspiring design and thought mentor in this aspect is Milton Glaser.

"Artists tend to be liberal because their view of the world has to include doubt and ambiguity as well as generosity and optimism. In recent years, I’ve come to believe that the world is divided between those who make things and those who control things."

~ Milton Glaser